Aliases + Names

My full name is Hugo Omar Rivera Calzadillas. I prefer the Spanish pronunciation oo-GOH.

I use Hugo O. Rivera for the sake of conciseness, memorability, and SEO.

Many institutions are unaware of or unwilling to accommodate the rich diversity of personal names around the world; therefore, I use:

  • Hugo Rivera
  • Hugo Omar Rivera
  • Hugo O. Rivera-Calzadillas
  • Hugo Rivera-Calzadillas
  • Hugo O. Rivera Calzadillas
  • Hugo Rivera Calzadillas

Screen names

Formal Name, Most Family Names

Hugo Omar Rivera Calzadillas Ledezma Armendáriz

Other “Hugo Rivera"s, namefellows

Not to be confused with the American bodybuilder Hugo Rivera, a popular entrepreneur with good SEO or the artist Hugo Rivera in Laguna Beach, CA.

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