I’m passionate about developing tomorrow’s essential technology. I work remotely as a software engineer in the high desert at sunny Santa Fe, NM.

I am fascinated by the growth stage of startups. I’m fortunate to have worked for a couple startups and at PowerFlex, which has experienced much growth over the years.

Fullstack software engineer

Working remotely from Santa Fe, NM (2020-) for PowerFlex (2019-)

Electric vehicle charging stations and battery systems for buildings

I work remotely building software to facilitate adaptive load management for large-scale electric-vehicle charging station deployments, and energy storage at PowerFlex, a recently acquired subsidiary of EDF Renewables, which is itself the North American branch of the renewable energy branch of an enormous multinational French energy company Électricité de France that powers much of the world using nuclear, solar, and wind energy.

I also work on energy storage systems (BESSs: large scale battery systems in the range of 150MWh), which are used to help businesses reduce energy costs and build resilience against downtime of the electrical grid.

I write mainly Python, and also Rust, Bash, YAML (for Kubernetes and Github Actions), and JavaScript/TypeScript.

San Francisco Bay Area (2018 to 2020)