I'm passionate about developing tomorrow's essential technology. I've worked as a full stack software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Fullstack software engineer

Bay Area (2018 to 2020)

Researcher and Tutor

Computer Repairman


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What is Full Stack Software Engineering

A software engineer builds and improves software systems based on the user's requirements.

A frontend software engineer would develop end-user facing components; this includes development of a user interface. A backend software engineer would develop the “server-side” systems that might store and process data for the frontend.

A full stack software engineer is a sort of generalist software engineer that performs all necessary roles of frontend and backend engineering.

What I do

I can work on any part of a software system. Most of systems that I've worked on can be described as web-apps or mobile-apps (frontend); with extensive server-side components for data processing and management (backends). These systems are in daily use by many users for many purposes. I specialize in techniques that are most common today:

  • creating and improving programs written in dynamically typed languages Python and JavaScript
  • storing data in SQL databases including Sqlite and Postgres; and no-SQL databases including Mongo
  • using open web protocols including HTTPS for communications between all kinds of computers
  • using the style language CSS and the markup language HTML for creating pleasant, accessible, logically arranged user interfaces

I search for the potential to use strongly typed languages like OCaml, Haskell, and Rust to ensure greater effectiveness of software systems.

I may be available for hire.