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  • Contact Information September 1, 2019

    Preferred email is Text me at +1 (774) 354-9367 Use Keybase Chat if you want encrypted communications; I’m also available on Signal and Telegram. Download my contact info (VCard .VCF format) I check my LinkedIn inbox at I may also be available on Facebook, though I do not recommend using any of Zuckerberg’s software. Instagerm is @hugmehugyou.

  • Aliases + Names August 27, 2019

    My full name is Hugo Omar Rivera Calzadillas. I prefer the Spanish pronunciation oo-GOH. I use Hugo O. Rivera for the sake of conciseness, memorability, and SEO. Many institutions are unaware of or unwilling to accommodate the rich diversity of personal names around the world; therefore, I use: Hugo Rivera Hugo Omar Rivera Hugo O. Rivera-Calzadillas Hugo Rivera-Calzadillas Hugo O. Rivera Calzadillas Hugo Rivera Calzadillas Screen names roguh (ro-KOO): Inspired by Rokurōta Makabe, a character in one of my favorite movies, The Hidden Fortress directed by Akira Kurosawa.

  • A brief bio January 1, 0001

    Education and career I studied computer science and mathematics at the Santa Fe Community College in NM. During this time, I taught myself enough Haskell to write most of a simple compiler for Haskell’s intermediate language Core. I’d tutor fellow students in my Python course. I volunteered as a generalist technician, repairman, and software person at Computer Charity, Inc. in Santa Fe. My grades meant I qualified for the Phi Theta Kappa honor society’s scholarship which allowed me to attend a four-year university.

  • Career January 1, 0001

    I’m passionate about developing tomorrow’s essential technology. I’ve worked as a fullstack software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fullstack software engineer I built software that operates directly on EHRs (electronic health records). It is used by doctors and other health practitioners at AgileMD I build software for the Future of Pharmacy Infrastructure at Truepill, “the AWS for pharmacies” backed by Initialized Capital. More See my LinkedIn for current position(s) and more detail.