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  • Scientific Evidence of Worsening Effects of the Human Pollution Epidemic October 10, 2019

    Google it. In summary: don't look and trust climate scientists. The good news is climate change activism is working. A Useful Framework for Dealing With This: If you're interested in what kind of leadership it might take to guide all the peoples of the world out of this crisis, I invite you to look into Deep Adaptation. This is a professional and scientific term for the cultural and societal changes that will be needed to help the world transition maintain a more sustainable future without resorting to violence, pessimistic nihilism, paranoia of human extinction, or other fallacies similar ideologies may fall into.

  • DACA Timeline October 9, 2019

    A timelapse of the legal battles that have been tormenting me in the past couple of years.

  • DACA Effects October 4, 2019

    Benefits Freedom to travel to and live in all 50 states Can work legally in most US companies Can buy stock in the US stock market Obliged to pay the same taxes as any citizen Drawbacks No international flights Can't obtain security clearance Can't work in the military Can't work in the aerospace industry Can't vote at any level of government Difficulty in finding funding for education Must give sensitive personal information to the government Part of the USA's immigration debate.

  • Me + DACA October 4, 2019

    Check out a timeline of the DACA immigration program I rarely broadcast politics or personal stressors. I worry my years of study have gone to waste due to political stupidity at various levels from numerous groups. I was undocumented until I was able to work in this great nation using the DACA program, which has stood on tenuous ground since late 2017. I was brought to the USA as a child.