• New Science October 11, 2019

    Complexity Accept chaos. Machine Learning Applied mathematics with the power of modern supercomputers. Advanced optimization, linear algebra, calculus. Effectiveness of techniques revolutionized by deep learning. Climate Change Consequences of pollution known for about a century. Non-linear effects expected to cause disruptions.

  • New Tech October 11, 2019

    3D Printing and Advanced Materials Technology Carbon 3D Fast 3D printing of quality items in many possible shapes. Carbon3D partnerships means its printers are constructing Adidas footwear, NFL helmets, vehicle parts, and many other items Food-as-software Coming soon… We are on the cusp of the deepest, fastest, most consequential disruption in food and agricultural production since the first domestication of plants and animals ten thousand years ago. This is primarily a protein disruption driven by economics.

  • Scientific Evidence of Worsening Effects of the Human Pollution Epidemic October 10, 2019

    Google it. In summary: don’t look and trust climate scientists. The good news is climate change activism is working. A Useful Framework for Dealing With This: If you’re interested in what kind of leadership it might take to guide all the peoples of the world out of this crisis, I invite you to look into Deep Adaptation. This is a professional and scientific term for the cultural and societal changes that will be needed to help the world transition maintain a more sustainable future without resorting to violence, pessimistic nihilism, paranoia of human extinction, or other fallacies similar ideologies may fall into.

  • Notes on Chemistry the Central Science December 1, 2015
    Git GitHub LaTeX


  • Notes on Perception for Design December 1, 2015

    I took concise notes based on the excellent, scientifically-rigorous textbook Information Visualization: Perception for Design by Colin Ware. I created this PDF using LaTeX, which allowed me the flexibility to create an easy-to-edit, elegant, and compact document layout. I highly recommend the book and these notes for anyone that needs to create data visualizations. See here.

  • Animated Periodic Table D3 June 22, 2015

    A periodic table created in CoffeeScript and D3 with animated transitions.