Shellscripts: parallely, gp, and makeanywhere

Running many shell commands in parallel

With output capturing and notifications.

See There are many demos in the README. I may change the name.

I use this to quickly and easily parallelize code checking and testing at work, both locally and in our CI/CD pipeline.

Quickly pushing or pulling to a git remote

I wanted to make an alias to git push and git pull, but instead merged the functionality into a smart script with a short name: gp.

A shortcut for:

  • git pull
  • git push
  • git push --force
  • git push --set-upstream origin "$(git branch --show-current)"


It has way too many tests for such simple functionality, but it was how I learned to write portable and well-tested shellscripts.

Run make from any subdirectory

The git command works from any subdirectory of a git project. I wrote a small script to do the same with projects that have a Makefile.