Some General Cybersecurity Advice

Having a strong cybersecurity posture involves analyzing what digital assets you want to protect, and from who. This list is partly what I believe should be common-sense to anyone that uses internet-connected devices, and also some more esoteric advice for people that like managing Linux systems.

  • Use U2F everywhere.
  • Use a password manager. I’d recommend LastPass or
  • Setup monitoring and alerts for important accounts, such as bank accounts and social media.
  • Buy yourself and loved ones YubiKeys. They’re a reliable U2F device.
  • Find a security checklist for your phone, PC, and server OS and make sure you’re doing at least the bare minimum to protect your digital identity.
  • Make sure your router/modem has updated software.
  • Consider buying a Winston device.

For people that like managing Linux systems:

Check out my list of security news for examples of what can go wrong when the bad guys attack.

I make no claims about this list being complete, up-to-date, or useful. caveat emptor